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5 Fun Online ‘Sister’ Movies to Beverly Lane 2010

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When it comes to movies online that are both scary and pretty funny at the same time, there are not better movies like Zom-Coms. These movies are mostly about Zombies, must some of them manage to deliver great comedy scenes that will get at least a pair of good laughs from everyone.

This is the exact kind of HD movie Beverly Lane, released in 2010 was. Directed by Joshua Hull and starring Jim O’Rear, this movie has been praised by many people as one of the funniest and better made Zombie-Comedy movies in the last few years. However, even though this movie is actually one in a million, we can still find some pretty good movies, even astonishingly funny out there.
So, in order to give you a little more insight into this kind of full movies, we’ve made a list of many Zom-Com movies for you to watch movies online free streaming whenever you want, with the best MegaMovies.cc on this field and with the most praised in the free movies online industry.

These are:

1.    Return of the Living Dead I and II (1985-1988)

The first ROTLD was astonishingly good. A pretty good movie about zombies, and what was much more important at the time; a funny script that made this movie be remembered as one of the best in its kind, even after 30 years now.

The movie is about two employees at a medical facility who released a deadly gas into the air of one city and now every dead person wakes up from his dream and wants to eat everyone else’s brain. However, these zombies are not as “zombies” as you would think, they actually conserved they intelligence and what’s worst… THEY CANNOT BE KILLED!

Even though the movie seems a little weird, well… it actually is. Zombies that cannot be killed, that are also super intelligent and what else? Well, awesome dialogues that will make everyone fall off their seat laughing their ass off. This movie made a great asset for Hollywood in that year and was so good that they eventually decided to make a prequel in 1988.

This prequel was called the same name, ROTLD II. Moreover, many people say that this prequel is not as good as the first one, however, it still managed to deliver one of the funniest zombiecomedy movies of all time, along with its predecessor.

As we’ve said, this movie doesn’t disappoint in any way, being one of the greatest prequels of all time in that genre. The plot is a little different from the first one but still manages to deliver the same first big outbreak in the same way, with some naïve kids opening some barrels that were filled with a weird substance that made everyone feel different and eventually made them talked like if they were choking, like zombies.

However, the best scene of this second movie was all in the beginning when the previous characters from the first movie appeared doing a sort of cameo. Although the movie keeps on going being funny, it wasn’t all that funny after all. However, it was still better that many free streaming movies out there, and could even manage to create a sort of cult among people that liked it, making it one of the greatest cult movies of all times.

2.    Shaun of the Dead (2004)

This HD movie is truly the best of its kind, sort of. When it comes to zombies plus comedy, Shaun Of The Dead delivers exactly what’s expected – lots of zombie action and wonderfully funny scenes. Written by SimonPegg and directed by Edgar Wright who also helped at writing, this movie delivers the best sensation when it comes to movies that have both zombies and a lot of comedy in it. If you want to have a great time, there’s no better movie than this one.

Also, the movie has many references to other old zombie movies and it achieves something that others have not, critic’s approval on a masterful level. Even though the movie is actually great in almost every way, one of the things that are better from this one and needs to be pointed out is the soundtrack. Almost every funny scene is preceded or marked by a good song, making it not only great references to certain moments but pretty fun as well.

That’s why it is so great, a wonderful movie not to miss if you are someone who likes zombies and a lot of comedy at the same time.

3.    Dead Alive (1992)

Peter Jackson did a wonderful job with Dead Alive. This movie is utterly a gore-comedy movie, mostly because what we see in the movie is pure blood and death, from a concept that may fail in being realistic but delivers the necessary credibility to make everyone laugh a lot.

Being one of the bloodiest free movies ever filmed, this one delivers great comedy that will make everyone laugh, especially for the wonderful silly scenes where the zombie decides to eat everything in its path, from dogs to flowers, nurses, neighbors and even its own friends in the funniest way possible – thanks to the delivery by Peter Jackson.

4.    Zombieland (2009)

If you are looking for a fun, adventurous, semi-documentary, romance and at the same time a zombie movie, there’s no better option for you than Zombieland. This movie delivers everything you could’ve hoped for in a zombie movie that has a lot of comedy in it. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and the wonderful Woody Harrelson, this movie never fails to deliver a great time.
Even so, the movie is wonderfully written, something that makes it even more awesome than it already is. Especially when it comes to the soundtrack and the different scenes where we can see the tribute to other english online movies, this one doesn’t fail to deliver what it was made for.

And if you like watching cameos, there are only a few cameos better than the one made by Bill Murray in this one. Not only because the scene where he came out was astonishingly fun, but the scene ends in the most disastrous and unexpected way you could think of.

Zombieland is by far the best zombie-comedy movie from the last decade and will remain so for a long time, especially because it was so good that even today, almost 9 years later, the movie still makes people laugh – people that have watched it more than 3 times already.

5.    Army of Darkness (1992)

Two names: Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. There’s not a better combination between actor and director out there. Thanks to this wonderful teamwork, this free movie streaming ends up being not only a wonderful blockbuster when it comes to zombie and comedy but ends up being one of the greatest zombies online movies of all time even though many people see it more like a cult movie than a simple zombie or comedy one.

The plot of this movie is one of the weirdest when it comes to zombies, where Bruce Campbell as the main character is sent to the past, to 1300 A.D where he finds out that he’s not alone – now he needs to fight a great army of zombies! Even so, he finds out that he doesn’t have one of his hand, and eventually gets to use a shotgun – yes, WHAT THE F…??

Well, the movie is just that. Not that it is bad or anything, it is just astonishingly great and wonderfully made to please its audience on what it was intended for – to please and make everyone laugh. Sam Raimi is known for that, for being really funny when it comes to mixing Dead with Comedy, as it was shown in his older free movies like Evil Dead I & II.

If you want to have a great time, we totally recommend you to watch these HD movies online free and you will have one of the funniest experiences with streaming movies that have both zombies and pretty good comedy in it.