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With Jim O’Rear – Beverly Lane Movie Star

jim o rear movie star

Jim O’Rear is one great actor and stun man from Cordova, Alabama. He was in 1967 and has been an actor for more than thirty years, beginning his career as The Youngest Professional Magician and then changing his way into acting and stunt work for many movies and TV series.

He studied acting and other arts in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, where he could get a little recognition as one great person and a wonderful actor and stuntman, plus learning the art of makeup, being recognized as one of the biggest multi-purpose actors in Hollywood, being able to work on projects like Star Trek 4, ABC’s Nashville, Beverly Lane Lethal Weapon 3, Stephen King’s The Boogeyman, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, A Christmas Carol, and many other movies, being able to work with wonderful actors like Burt Reynolds, Mel Gibson, Maximillian Schell, Robert Englund, Martin Sheen, Kane Hodder, Kevin Sorbo, Chirs Sarandon, Jon Voight and even many pro directors like J.J Abrams, Ron Howard and Richard Donner.

Multi Talented Guy – Jim O’Rear

However, acting is not everything Jim O’Rear has done in his career as an artist. He, after being in Jim O'Rear Profilemany movies as a stuntman and an actor, decided to go into the screenplay job, writing many screenplays and scripts to launch his ideas into the big screen. Among the movies he has written me we can included his most famous horror movies like “The House Of Pain”, “Hayride Slaughter”, “Hayride Slaughter 2”, “vampire Tales”, “Wolfsbayne”, “Scream Farm”, “The Deepening” and “The Deadly Obligation”, all portrayed by good indie actors like Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Tom Savini, Bill Moseley and Debbie Rochon.

However, his most important jobs have not been his screenplays but his books. He’s written pretty good horror books like “Tennessee Ghosts”, “Hollywood Paranormal Films”, “Mortuary of Madness”, “Travelling in Tennessee” and the last but not least, how-to book semi-autobiographical “Magic, Monsters, and Me”. This has made Jim a great actor and a pretty big person to be around, making him be an almost not-to-miss artist when it comes to watching his movies and reading his books.

Bright Hollywood Career

Even though he has already firmed his path in the Hollywood industry, he still handles to be in great movies and writing for great horror publications around the world as one of the most internationally acclaimed people. He has played in movies like The Hospital 1 & 2, Camp Massacre and one sequel from a movie that was released in 1973, the acclaimed and famous Don’t Look in the Basement 2.

Moreover, he has also founded a good campaign towards the paranormal called Celebrity Ghost Jim O'Rear actorHunters, in which many celebrities participate in the search of the truth and good stories in the field.
Among the great publications he has made, we can name a few magazines and online newspapers from the paranormal and ghosts fields like Scary Monsters Magazine, Comics Interview, Haunted Attraction Magazine and Underground Entertainment. He has also been recognized as a great writer for this field by many great magazines like Fangoria, Alternative Cinema, Femme Fatale and Fright Times.

Jim, however, is not someone that will fade out of screen for a long time, not only because he still makes lots of movies as an actor, but because he was somehow “immortalized” in a comic from Thor, due to a Marvel issue called “What The…?” where he appeared as a comic character. Even so, he appeared as himself along with other actors like Tom Savini, James Gunn, Ken Foree and Debbie Rochon, plus many others that are not as relevant in a fictional book novel called Bad Moon Rising, written by Jonathan Mayberry.

Jim O’Rear in Full Throttle

On the other hand, as an actor, he still makes a lot of movies per year as we’ve said before. One of the movies that he has recently released is “Lost” and “Airforce One”. Also, he has been in other movies with actors like John Billingsley, BoniteFriedericy, Kevin Sorbo, Kane Hodder and the unforgettable Jason Carter.

And this is not all. Jim is actually a pretty big star on the show Hollywood Ghost Hunters, where he goes along a team of paranormal specialists into different places across the country in search of good paranormal stories to document and show to the people.
Thanks to his help as an actor and writer in Hollywood, many people have turned into the field of paranormal and ghosts. This makes him a wonderful person and an important asset to the industry, that’s why he’s as important as any other actor in Hollywood, and someone to look out to.